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Fan Dance


A burlesque classic – the dance with large ostrich feather fans – with a modern twist

Diva uses hugh ostrich feather fans, covering her from head to toe in a seductive yet fiery dance

Music: Feeling Good - Muse

Diva Desaster

Arial Hoop

An Aerial Hoop is a large ring suspended from the ceiling to create beautyful acrobatic shapes

Music: Angel - Type o Negative

Minimum height and stage space apply

Fortune Teller

Neo Classical performance using light to create a mystical atmosphere

Music: Good Night Moon- Shivaree

Fire Bird

The Phoenix dies and rises out of his own ashes until he dies again

Music: Ecstasy of Gold - Ennio Morricone; Adagio for Tron - Daft Punk



Queen of the Nile

Large Isis Wings create spectacular movements

Music: Temptation - Johnny Staccato Band; Cleopatras Dream - Ralph Marterie


Voodoo Princess


Dark and mysterious, scary and seductive. Diva plays with fire and puts a spell on the audience

Music: I put a spell on you - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Harlem Showgirl


An elaborate, over the top costume, reliving the classic Showgirls of bygone times

Music: Harlem Nocture - The Visconts / I am a good girl


Mirror Mirror


A Story that every child knows.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?

Diva Desaster recreates the classic tale of the evil

Music: Where Eagles Dare - Ron Goodwin

Spanish Nights


A fast and sultry performace, with influences of flamenco and poi

Music: 3 Song medley


Roxie Hart


A musical classic. Diva perform Roxy Hart of Chicago

The Femme Fatale that seeks fame and beauty

Group Acts with the Filly Follies


Diva Desaster performs several acts together with The Filly Follies; ChiChi Bouvet and Aphrodite Devine