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Diva Desaster




Diva Desaster is available for Burlesque and photo bookings


Individual Bookings


Several acts can be adapted to a child friendly version, showing no nudity


Depending on the Act minimum space requirments is 2m x 2m, with a min. roof height of

2,5 m

For larger acts such as Cleopatra and Spanish Nights min. requirements start at 4m x 4m, min height 3,5m


Full length shows


Together with "The Filly Follies" Diva can also offer full length theater productions, as one of only a few troupes in Germany. The cast consists of 7 members inlcuding 3 - 4 Burlesque dancers, a singer and host as well a comedian and stage maid.

Several shows can be performed lasting between 1 -2 hours, and can be adapted to your event


Music can be played through a normal stereo and comes from CD or MP3



Please contact Diva Desaster for more information and a quote