Velvet Voyage Burlesque Show

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Diva Desaster

The Velvet Voyage Burlesque Show in Munich, is the longest running and most renowned Burlesque Show in the city.


Produced by the Munich Burlesque Troupe "The Filly Follies" Velvet Voyage had gripped audiences since 2010.


Set in the centrally located Theater Drehleier at Rosenheimerstrasse 123, the show has seen a variation of Guest Performers from all over the world.


The Filly Follies are proud to present their staff cast,

ChiChi Bouvet

Aphrodite Devine

Diva Desaster

Elsie Marley as host

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Tickets for all Velvet Voyage Shows can be purchased online at


Entry: € 25

Doors Open: 18:30

Beginn: 20:00


Please note that there are no numbered seats at the theater and spaces are available on a first come first serve basis.

Tables can be booked though as of a minimum of 8 persons.